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Check out our range of curtains online with various options for windows and doors. With an impressive catalog of home decor curtains on display, you will find the best in class products.

Best Curtain Store in Visakhapatnam

The proper drapery can pop up the otherwise dull corner of your house. Anybody who has a knack for interior decor will agree with this. But you can't pick just any curtains while furnishing the living room. So if you're looking for curtains for your home in VizagUrban Furnishing will tick all your requirements.


Lightning is always crucial when buying curtains in Vizag for your room. Check sunlight exposure. Go with light or pastel hues if your living room gets enough sunlight.

Curtain Material

You can choose from a wide range of window curtain materials in Vizag, including cotton, linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet. Look for heavier density faux silk curtains for proper privacy or blocking excess sunlight during the peak summer season. In winter, you can put dark velvet curtains in Vizag. Besides, adding linings to any regular curtains for the living room is an excellent idea for adequate volume.

Curtain Length

It is essential to know the window height before putting curtains in living room. You can add a sense of imaginary height and dramatic look to your living room by hanging curtains higher than the window frame. On the other hand, add two to three inches to standard window height if you like flowy curtains touching the ground.

Further, ensure to add four to eight inches extra to the actual window width. This strategy will help you get fuller curtains for the living room that add more oomph to your windows.

Latest Curtain Designs

Latest Designs of Curtains for New Homes

For the objectives of cross-ventilation, thermal insulation, noise control, two-way light regulation, and maintaining the privacy of the living space from outsiders, the window's curtains act as an interface between the window and the homeowner. Depending on the ideal combination of color, pattern, fabric, and model utilized, they may make any space look wider, more spacious, appealing, organic, and in harmony with other design components.


There are various options available, and the list below will assist you in selecting one that matches your preferences, style, and taste:

• Roller Shades
If you want to add a unique blend of personality and pattern to your kitchen, roller blinds are fantastic.

• Sheer Curtains
Since they are composed of a thin, semi-transparent material, sheer curtains let the most light into the family room even when they are closed.

Curtains and Blinds

Why Choose Urban Furnishing for Alluring Curtains?

A room has a number of items, including furniture, accent pieces, pillows, rugs, and last but not least, the color of the walls. You must take into account all of these factors when selecting your curtains to ensure that they don't look out of place.

Curtains are the essence of interior design since they can transform plain decor into something opulent. So all you have to do is pick the ideal color or pattern to go with your current decor. Also, if you’re looking for the best curtains store in Visakhapatnam or the best curtain supplier in Visakhapatnam, reach out to Urban Furnishing.


Urban Furnishing offers curtains for the living room in Vizag to provide an elegant look to your decor. The use of top class fabric with professional prints and embroidery gives your space an elegant and pleasant vibe.

Plains & Texture

Bring a luxurious feel to your home with the best curtains for the living room in vizag with solid rich colours to enhance the decor that offers elegance with neutral tones.


With the touch of glamour, opulence, and sophistication, a jacquard enriches the ancient heritage of your home. The smart and vibrant texture with excellent colours will uplift your space and give you a dreamy interior.


The best linen look collection with a touch of glow in a snowy white shade makes it look simple yet elegant. The great quality of sheer will inject excellence to the interior.

Blackout Fabric

Capture the beauty of your space by adding our beautiful pastel shades with high quality and finest material to give eye catching and luxurious feel to your home decor.

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