Grounding Aspect

A house is never complete without a carpet or an area rug. They also make your home look a lot more comfortable and cosier. You may place these carpets and area rugs anywhere at your house the entrance, living room floor, bedroom floor, or even on the kitchen floor.

Carpet Designs and Rugs

Urban Furnishing aims to fulfil all your home and furnishing needs. You will find several different carpet types at varying prices in Visakhapatnam. Style your home with our exquisite collection of carpet designs and rugs. Crafted from premium and luxurious raw materials, our wide range of carpets ensure an incredibly soft feeling underfoot.

Carpets and Rugs Supplier in Visakhapatnam

Customers like rugs and carpets because of their richness, comfort, rich textures, and history. We take it a step further by combining traditional techniques with contemporary style, all of which may be customised in a variety of ways, making each rug completely unique.

Quality in Budget

When you first start looking for something like an area rug, you'll quickly discover that these flooring may be quite costly. A good area rug might easily cost a lot of money. Don't let this stop you from purchasing a rug. Our rugs are available to you in a variety of price ranges. If you can't really afford the more expensive ones, keep looking.

Rugs that are less expensive are a terrific way to get the style you desire for much less money. Theme style, size, pile, fabric, and indoor vs outdoor are all factors to consider while choosing a rug. It also helps to know where to look.

Visit our best store in Vishakapatnam, and we will guide you throughout until you're absolutely satisfied.

Why choose us?

Our rugs and carpets in Vishakapatnam collection includes fresh, bright, and fashionable alternatives for practically any aesthetic preference and budget, ranging from contemporary to traditional. Whether you're seeking antique rugs, classic rugs, fresh rugs, carpet and stair runners, or tapestries, you'll find it all here. We are a hidden gem in Vishakapatnam, and you will want to look through our rug selection.

Learn about the woven experiences for your house and heart. Our rugs are intricately woven with intricacies down to the least detail by the weavers. We are known for being the best furnishing store in Vishakhapatnam. We think that our clients are genuine weavers, so we collaborate on the process of designing a carpet. Share your ideas or designs with us, and we'll bring your rug to life. Innovate, create, and discover.

Make your Home look Stunning with the Rugs and Carpet

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Style your Interior with Royal Carpets

There is nothing cosier than a nice and warm carpet unfurled on the floor of your home. Your home is an extension of your personality. The kind of accessories you choose to adorn it with exudes the vibe of your home. We have an exquisite collection of carpets crafted from premium and luxurious materials which define royalty.

A touch of royalty is also stated by the quality of the carpets. Urban Furnishing is one mattress shop in Vizag that ensures and upholds quality to the highest degree. The next time you buy rugs and carpets in Visakhapatnam, Urban Furnishing is a must-visit. Our collection of royal carpets is bespoke and comes in various price ranges.

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Go Trendy with the Geometric Pattern Rugs

The trend in vogue in today’s home decor is geometric pattern rugs. They add a dashing character to your home. We go to the extent of customising the rugs that best suit your style and idea of comfort. Our carpets are known not only for the richness of their texture but also for the elegance of their designs.

The pocket pinch of area rugs is quite a bit, yet our rugs of the most sophisticated designs come in various prices and are hard to let go of. Check out our latest collection of geometric pattern rugs of diverse themes & sizes. We assure to spoil you with choices and serve your aesthetic preference within an affordable budget.

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