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A peaceful sleep at night is no longer a dream with the help of our mattresses collection. Buy mattresses online at Urban Furnishing in India at the best prices. Explore our mattress collection of custom mattresses like a foam mattresses, latex mattresses, etc now!


Good sleep is essential to keep you functioning well every day. Explore the best range of comfortable mattresses in different sizes. Buy Bed Mattresses online from Urban Furnishing, choose from the largest variety of Bed Mattresses online in, Visakhapatnam.

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Pillows are the best accessories for your bedroom to enhance your sleeping experience. Shop online for the latest collection of soft comfy Pillows design at the best price from Urban Furnishing. Select from the various best pillow for bed and cushions.

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Springfit Absolute Comfort Mattress

Get the perfect supportive and pressure relief mattress at affordable prices with our best quality comfort mattress in Visakhapatnam. Check out Urban Furnishing's best collection in Mattress to uplift your quality sleep.

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Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress provides good support, body contouring, and pressure relief. In recent years, the demand for memory foam mattresses has increased by 20% as compared to other Mattresses. Check out our collection now!

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Orthopedic Mattress

Orthopedic Mattress is for people who suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis or any other condition that undergo pain in joints or muscles. Check out our best orthopedic mattress for your comfortable sleep without any issues.

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Natural Latex Mattress

Latex is organic and natural material. It is nothing but the natural product which comes from the sap of the rubber tree. Here at Urban Furnishing, we offer the best Latex Mattress on the market. Shop online for the best Mattress in Visakhapatnam.

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Best Mattress Store in Visakhapatnam

We are the best mattress shop in Vizag called Urban Furnishings. We provide you with a huge collection of supportive and pressure relief mattresses and a variety of pillows. A comfortable mattress and a soft pillow is crucial for a good night’s sleep. These help you to function well by enhancing the sleeping experience.

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Why Choose Us

1. Available online, saving you time and discomfort of traveling.

2. Provides support to the neck and back.

3. Wide range of mattresses available in single, double, king size and queen size.

4. Stylish and colorful to provide luxury and comfort.

5. Best mattress store in Visakhapatnam.

6. Custom mattresses like foam mattresses and latex mattresses also available.

Quality in Budget

Quality in Budget

Shop online for the largest collection of pillows and mattresses at Urban Furnishing. We provide you with the best quality products at reasonable prices. We are committed to our customers by adhering to strict quality control measures. Our consistent products have given us content customers. Premium products are provided to our customers in the hospitality and interior design domain.


Urban Furnishing is the best furnishing store in Visakhapatnam. We are bringing the latest and most fashionable designs to every home. We offer the widest collection and top class range in home furnishings, wallpaper decor, blinds, mattresses, pillows and much more. The comfort of our products will ensure the comfort of your guests to create a memorable experience. Our unique combination of luxe and comforting furnishing will help you sleep well and wake up refreshed.

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Latest Trending Mattresses in Our Store

Sleeping well directly correlates to the conservation of energy. Your productivity depends on how much rest your body had last night, and a mattress is a primary factor to consider for better sleep. There are many options available in mattresses to suit the needs of people and help them achieve the maximum possible in the day.

The options available in mattresses have a wide range, and complete customisation is available for the shapes and firmness of the mattress. In addition, various choices are available in choosing the filling material for your mattress. In recent trends, even filling environment-friendly material is available.

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How to Choose the Right Mattress for You?

Sleeping positions should be considered while looking for a mattress in the best furnishing store. The firmness of the mattress should be suitable for your mostly preferred sleeping position. Even filling of inside material depends a lot on it and provides optimum firmness.

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Why Choose us?

We have been upgrading our mattresses with time and trends, but our priority has always been to offer a relaxing sleeping experience. Therefore, we offer options like foam and latex mattresses with customisation of the firmness. Accordingly, people in Vizag can explore varieties at a mattress shop in Vizag that guide them well.

Quality in Budget

Choosing the inside material and filling that serves your priorities within your budget is essential. We offer you various options at affordable prices and suggest the one that might suit you well. People in Vizag can visit and try the options at the best mattress store in Vizag.


Mattress, though available in various types and materials, should serve the purpose of peaceful and relaxing sleep. With trends, many customisable options are coming up that ensure a better sleeping experience, and we offer them at affordable prices with the best kind of material.

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Choosing the Perfect Mattress Protector: Factors to Consider

A good night's sleep is essential for overall well-being, and a crucial element in achieving this is choosing the right mattress protector. Not only does it safeguard your mattress from spills, stains, and wear, but it also adds an extra layer of comfort to enhance your sleep experience. When selecting a mattress protector, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice.

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Protection & Durability

The primary purpose of a mattress protector is to shield your mattress from potential damage. Look for a protector that offers waterproof or water-resistant properties to guard against spills and accidents. Additionally, opt for a durable material that can withstand regular washing and maintain its protective qualities over time. By investing in a reliable protector, you can prolong the lifespan of your mattress and protect your investment.

Comfort & Breathability

Comfort is paramount when it comes to a good night's sleep. Choose a mattress protector that not only protects but also adds to your comfort. Look for materials like cotton or bamboo, which offer breathability and temperature regulation. These materials allow for airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

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Convenience & Maintenance

Consider the convenience and ease of maintaining the mattress protector. Look for features such as elasticized corners or deep pockets to ensure a secure fit around your mattress. Additionally, opt for a protector that is machine washable and easy to clean, as this will make maintenance a breeze.

When searching for the perfect mattress protector, The Urban Furnishing is your go-to destination. They offer a wide range of home furnishings, including mattresses, curtains, blinds, rugs, and upholstery fabrics. Whether you're looking for a mattress shop in Vizag or want to buy curtains for your living room, The Urban Furnishing has you covered. With their extensive selection and quality products, you can create a comfortable and stylish living space in Visakhapatnam.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect mattress protector involves considering factors such as protection and durability, comfort and breathability, and convenience and maintenance. By taking these aspects into account, you can select a mattress protector that not only safeguards your investment but also enhances your sleep experience. Visit The Urban Furnishing's website to explore their range of home furnishings and find the ideal mattress protector for your needs.

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